Gratitude Breeds Success


Today. Just for a moment. Look around and note everything that you are grateful for. The sunshine (rare for February in Central Ohio), the hope of spring is in the air. I love this time of year because there is so much promise for the upcoming season.  The Masters is less than 2 months away, days are getting longer, golf trips are being planned, Jordan won his first trophy of the year as we took in the breathtaking views of Pebble Beach.  This is going to be a great year!


I often hear stories from golfers that go something like this, “I usually start off the season well but then as the season goes on I begin to lose it, it seems like the harder I work the worse I get. I must be working on the wrong things, that is why I am here to see you.” Many players start the season strong because they are “just happy to be out there”.  They are happy to be outside, with buddies again enjoying the occasional sunny spring day.  They are grateful. Grateful the weather is nice enough to enjoy this magical game.  Then as the season churns on and more rounds are played, the little things are forgotten.  It is no longer about time spent with friends, fresh air, and sunshine.  It becomes about the grind to get better, to improve on the last round, the lost strokes, the lost opportunities.


Don’t lose sight of WHY you play this game. Be grateful for all this game has taught you and will teach you.  Be grateful for the friendships it has brought and the bonds it has helped form.  Be grateful for the sunshine, the fresh air, fresh cut grass, and the opportunity to play this wonderful game for a life time.  If you do, you may have a little fun out there.  With fun comes success.  Be careful though…. If you begin acknowledging all you have to be grateful for, you may be bombarded with even more and who would want that?


“It’s not the happy people who are grateful, it’s the grateful people who are happy”



JSM – 2/13/17


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