Prioritizing Improvement

Golf is a top priority for a lot of people that I meet.  I guess being a full time golf Coach/Teacher will do that.  The funny thing is that many of those people will say that golf is a high priority but they don’t really “back it up”.  They find excuses to not practice, miss lessons, and generally stall their improvement.

I can relate… there are many items that are “Top Priority” for me.  Lets see… God, Being a Great Husband and Father, my golf business, this project with my best friend called Coach’s Mind… you may have heard of it 😉 , my own golf game, fitness, overall health, the list goes on.  These things are all important to me and I fail daily at all of them.  Fail may be a strong word but I definitely am not performing to the degree that I would like to in any of them. I think that is the point though. Life is a balancing act and some day I succeed more in certain areas and less in others.  What really irks me though is when I LET something that isn’t even on the list take up all my time and energy.  I say let because in order for it to happen we have to give it permission. At the end of the day we have the choice to spend our time where we determine is the most important.   It reminds me of that quote from Marianne Williamson “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” We like to think that we don’t reach our goals because things “get in the way”, “they were out of our control”, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Recently I came across an article from one of my favorite Author/Entrepreneur/Life Coach Ramit Sethi.  The article was titled  Why we avoid our #1 priority.   Be sure to check it out as it gets a little into why we make the decisions we do.

In the article Ramit talks about what a #1 priority looks like.

You’re spending 5 hours/week (minimum) on it. For top performers, up to 50+ hours/week.

  • You’re spending 5 hours/week (minimum) on it. For top performers, up to 50+ hours/week.
  • You’re making progress every week. You might not be getting RESULTS every week, but you’re moving forward.
  • You’re actively turning down other opportunities so you can focus on this.

That last one is a big deal to me.  Every decision we make we are voting yes for something and no to something else.  Many of us said “YES” to things that aren’t really important to us. . They aren’t priorities… they are “road blocks” / “energy drains” that keep us from reaching our goals. We are completely over extended and there seems to be not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that we want to accomplish.  We need to simplify our lives to make room for what really matters to US!  We love to set goals and say what we are going to do, but we don’t take the time to make room in our lives for the goal so we set ourselves up to fail.  Before saying yes again, consider “What am I saying no to?”.


If you are looking for ways to simplify this article . These guys are great and have a ton of content worth checking out if this resonated with you. Doesn’t hurt that we share the same hometown 😉



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